Bat Removal

We do provide on-call services to remove a bat from the living quarters of a building. Prices start at $100 for in-town (Rochester) daytime removal.  

If there is a bat flying around your home, it is most likely that they are already living in your attic! Oftentimes people assume a bat gets in through an open door or window. While this can occasionally happen, the most common scenario is when a bat that is occupying the attic accidentally falls or crawls down an open bay between the studs in your wall, all the way down to the basement, where they find an unfinished wall or ceiling. This is oftentimes your laundry or utility room if you have an otherwise finished basement. In search of where they came from, they will usually work their way up to the highest point they can find, sometimes even finding stairways to the upper levels of your home. 

Bats are protected in the state of Minnesota, so getting them out of your home is a very time sensitive endeavor. Bat exclusions may be put up for a small window of time in the spring before the females have their young, and again in late summer when the young of the year bats can fly. We can inspect and evaluate the situation for you, put up a bat exclusion (one way door at their entrance locations), and return a few days to a week later to permanently close the entrance locations. Time is limited, call today to reserve your spot for this season!

Prices are calculated based on location, pitch of roof, number of access points, and other access limitations.